Edge of Belonging

In search of friends that inspire you to be fake? Think before waving the “I’ll be your best friend”for right now.
Popularity was never an aspiration of mine. Or at least it might have been for a hot minute in High School but that turned into an awakening that I just don’t have the natural ability to be an ass kisser. Living that lesson early on brought truth and deeper insight into who I want to be and be around.

Edge of Belonging

Fake as the smile you practice daily in the mirror                                                             After you’ve squeezed into designer jeans, teased your hair, and applied makeup that resembled a virgin clown at center        stage.

Fake is the lies you tell yourself trying to push the hurt to unmeasurable suicide, Which knows you’re at the edge of belonging to something or someone your heart despises.
Fake the emotions that will get you what you want from those who control your inner thoughts.

Smile, learn about others interests to move your agenda a step closer to an empty vision that I see.

Reward yourself as you become the gatherer of fake things and people. Build a lifetime of cocktail stories that hold no truth nor feelings that burden your veins.

Spin your neck around with a glimmer of a smile only to meet the eyes of truth- love and respect.


Discrepancies of Life

Why is it that life can slumber into a lull for a long time? Then, become a volcano erupting at what feels like the wrong time.  Life’s chaos is a natural occurrence that just can throw you out of bed like a thundering bolt during a summer rain storm. It doesn’t ask you if it is the right time to shake things up. It just has it’s own mind and pathway determined for you. How you choose to react, will either make you pleasantly surprised or angry with resentment of change.

Life’s chaos leaps into our daily routines as a means of shaking up a good stretch of comfortableness.  My life’s chaos started four years ago… November 27